Female's Eye Injuries due to Domestic Violence in Brazzaville

W Atipo Tsiba, G Noa, S Ebana, IA Diomande


INTRODUCTION: In traditional African society the social status of women remains precarious. The spouse who has ''spent money to acquire'' a woman often claims to have ''all rights''. In some cases the woman is subjected to abuse that can lead to death.
OBJECTIVE : To describe eye injuries in women victims of domestic violence in Brazzaville.
DESIGN OF THE STUDY: Cross-sectional study conducted at the University Hospital of Brazzaville between January 2013 and December 2014 on the basis of a survey sheet. The following parameters were analyzed: age and education level of spouses (inferior before the university, superior from the university), reason of dispute, mechanism of trauma, lesions observed.
SUBJECTS/PARTICIPANTS: Women admitted for an eye injury that couldjeopardize the visual and / or vital prognosis (involment of another important organ during the same traumatism) due to a domestic violence.
RESULTS: 15 women (corresponding to 15 men) were recruited. The average age of men and women was respectively 55 ± 10 and 35 ± 13 years. 73.33% of men had higher level of education compared to 53.33% of women. The main reasons of violence were jealousy (46.67%) and finance (26.67%). The main mechanism of injury was: punch (80.00%). The main lesions were: bursting of the eyeball (40.00%) and fracture of the orbital floor (26.67%).
CONCLUSION: Domestic violence was responsible of eye injuries leading to irreversible blindness. 


Women and domestic violence, bursting of the eyeball.

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