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Rhinolithiasis is defined as a hard mass in the nasal cavity, formed by gradual deposition of mineral salts around an endogenous or exogenous nodus. One should evoke this disease in front of chronic and non specific unilateral rhinological symptomatology. Early endoscopic extraction prevents complications. The objective of this paper is to report two cases of rhinolithiasis and to discuss the management of this rare condition. A 67-year-old man and a 24-year-old woman, consulted for an old right unilateral rhinologic syndrome. Endoscopic endonasal examination and sinonasal computed tomography found a hard calcium-toned mass located in the right nasal cavity, whose surgical extraction confirmed rhinolithiasis. Surgical suite was unevnetful.


Rhinolithiase, corps étranger nasal, épistaxis, chirurgie endonasale

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Yannick, K. K. ., Lame, C. A. ., Junie, N. T. K. ., & Ndiaye, C. B. . (2021). La Rhinolithiase à Dakar: À Propos de Deux Observations. HEALTH SCIENCES AND DISEASE, 22(9). Retrieved from


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