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Introduction. DNA extracted from rapid diagnostic test (RDT) cassettes can be used in molecular analysis. The objective of this study is to evaluate the effect of time, storage mode, and parasite density on Plasmodium DNA extracted from RDTs. Methodology. The study was conducted in 8 villages in the Dandé health district using RDTs made from positive thick blood smears of 19 children aged 5 to 12 years, then stored at room temperature with or without silica gel. DNA was extracted one week, two weeks, one month, and two months later. The quantity and quality of the DNA were measured using a nanodrop, followed by a standard PCR. Results. We performed 121 RDTs on our 19 participants. None of the parameters studied had a significant effect on the quantity and quality of the DNA, either individually or combined (F=2, P=0.80). The highest quantities of DNA were observed after one week of storage and with high parasite densities. Conclusion. The quality and quantity of the extracted DNA appear to be related to the storage time and parasite density.


Rapid diagnostic tests Plasmodium DNA PCR Test de diagnostic rapide plasmodiumspp ADN

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Koudraogo Bienvenue Y, Akoua E, Franck Adama Y, & Rakiswendé SergeY. (2024). Factors Influencing the Use of Rapid Diagnostic Tests for Malaria in Molecular Analyses in Burkina Faso. HEALTH SCIENCES AND DISEASE, 25(2 Suppl 1). Suppl 1.5255


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