Laparoscopic Finding of a Segmental Absence of the Right Fallopian Tube: A Case Report

Pascal Foumane, Valentine Fonji Aguh, Boniface Moifo, Agnès Esiene, Emilienne , Guegang, Emile Telesphore Mboudou


Segmental absence of the fallopian tube is a finding that has been rarely described. One of such case is reported in a 26-year-old lady with six years past history of primary infertility. The anatomical abnormalities were discovered during investigations for primary infertility. The hysterosalpingography was suspicious of a left proximal obstruction of the right fallopian tube and phimosis of the right one. Absence of the right isthmo-ampullary segment and a macroscopically normal right ovary were confirmed at the laparoscopic session. Two possible scenarios are proposed. The first involves congenital absence due to a defect in the development of the corresponding portion of the right mullerian duct. Alternatively, the absence may be an asymptomatic torsion with subsequent atresia of the isthmo-ampullary segment of the uterine tubes.


fallopian tube agenesis, fallopian tube atresia, fallopian tube obstruction, hysterosalpingography, laparoscopy, Cameroon

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