Clinical Aspects, Surgical Management and Outcome of Chronic Subdural Hematoma at CHU Sylvanus Olympio (Lome)

Komlan Agbéko Doléagbénou, Essossinam Kpélao, Anthony Katanga Békéti, Kodjo Hobli Ahanogbé, Abdelkader Moumouni, Komi Egu


Objective. Chronic subdural hematoma (CSDH) is common neurosurgical pathology. The authors conducted a study to describe, the epidemiology and the management of CSDH, in a low- and middle-income countrie. Materials and methods. The study was performed at Centre Hospitalier Universitaire Sylvanus Olympio of Lomé (Togo), between november 2017 and december 2018. After approval of the ethics committee of the hospital, patients of any age who presented and were diagnosed with CSDH during the period of the study were included. Variables were collected from patients’ files at discharge and follow-up clinic visits. Results. Sixty patients, the majority were male (81.8%, 54/66) were enrolled in the study. The sex ratio was 4.5:1. The mean age was 53.91 ± 16.65 years. Prior cranial trauma was identified in 55 patients (83.3%). Limb weakness was the most common presenting symptom (56.1%, 37/66) followed by headache (51.4%, 34/66), and confusion (34.8%, 23/66). All patients underwent surgery. The morbidity was 1.52% and the mortality among surgery was 1.52%. Conclusion. Trauma was a common cause of CSDH among younger men patients. Burr-hole surgery with closed drainage was a safe procedure in the treatment of CSDH.
Introduction. Le but de cette étude était d’évaluer la prise en charge des patients ayant un hématome sous-dural chronique. Patients et méthodes. Il s’agit d’une étude descriptive monocentrique de novembre 2017 à décembre 2018, au CHU rétrospective et analytique des dossiers des patients hospitalisés pour un hématome sous-dural chronique, dans le service de Neurochirurgie du CHU SO de Lomé. Résultats. Soixante-six patients dont 81,8% étaient des hommes, répondaient aux critères d’inclusion. L’âge moyen de la série était de 53,91 ± 16,65 ans. Le traumatisme crânien représentait la principale étiologie (83,3% des cas). Les principaux symptômes à l’admission étaient le déficit de membres (56,1%), suivi des céphalées (51,4%) et de la confusion (34,8%). Tous les patients de la série ont été opérés. La mortalité globale était de 1,52%. Conclusion. Le traumatisme crânien est la principale étiologie des hématomes sous-duraux chroniques chez des patients jeunes. La chirurgie constitue le traitement efficace de ces hématomes.


chronic subdural hematoma; low- and middle income countries; Togo

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