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Cystic lymphangioma is a congenital malformation that is usually discovered early in childhood. This benign lesion affects mostly the cervical area. However, other sites may be encountered such as mesentery, epiploon, retroperitoneal region. Complications that may occur are related to the site and the volume effect. So early diagnosis is mandatory to avoid abdominal complications (mesenteric ischemia, volvulus, bowel suffering, etc.). Although radiology can suspect the diagnosis, the final confirmation is always histological. Treatment is based on surgical exeresis. We report two patients with abdominal cystic lymphangioma who were managed in our department at CHRABF.


lymphangiome kystique, abdominal, anatomopathologie, Gabon

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S, N. O. ., JP, O. ., F, D. K. ., Poduermo, S. ., & Silvère, N. O. . (2021). Lymphangiome Kystique Abdominal : A Propos de deux Cas au Centre Hospitalier Régional Amissa Bongo de Franceville. HEALTH SCIENCES AND DISEASE, 22(11). Retrieved from


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