Laparoscopic Surgery forInguinal Hernia in Adult Patients: A Case Report of a Transabdominal Pre-Peritoneal Repair in the National Social Insurance Fund Health Center of Essos (Yaoundé)

Blondel Djam Nana Oumarou, Guy Aristide Bang, Eric Patrick Savom, Marc Le Roy Guifo, Yannick Mahamat Ekani Boukar, Oumarou Ousmana, Arthur Essomba


Inguinal hernia repair is probably the most common procedure in general surgery. Today, in adult hernias, prosthetic repairs are accepted to be superior to “non-mesh” suture repairs. Concerning mesh repair, the (open) LICHENSTEIN and laparoscopic inguinal hernia techniques are recommended as the best evidence-based options. Nevertheless laparoscopic techniques still not currently practiced in our country. We report a case of a 57 years-old male patient who presented with a left inguinal hernia managed by a Transabdominal pre-peritoneal (TAPP) repair. The patient under general anesthesia, we placed three trocars, the optic one inserted by “open-coelioscopy”. We realized a peritoneal incision 4 cm above the left inner inguinal ring. The peritoneal sac was dissected from the spermatic cord and transected. A polyester mesh with a self-gripping overlapping flap was then inserted into the pre-peritoneal space created. A Thorough closure of the peritoneal incision was done. The post-operative course was uneventful. Laparoscopic hernias repairs in general and TAPP in particularly are easy to teach and learn. Surgeons and residents should be trained on it.


Adult hernias – Laparoscopic surgery – TAPP – Cameroon.

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