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In Cameroon scanty data related to the histopathology of vascular tumors are available. Our objective was to study different morphological aspects of these vascular tumors.


We carried out a descriptive and retrospective study over a  5 year period, from 1st September 2004 to 31st  August  2013. We included patients with vascular tumors ascertained  by a histolological report. 


 550 patients were recruited with 349 (63, 45 %) male and 201 (46, 55 %) female. The sex ratio was about 2:1. Patients mainly came from the Center region ( 30, 18 % ) and the Littoral region ( 23, 82 %). The site of the lesion was essentially cutaneous (64, 90 %).  Among the lesions, 119 (21, 64 %) were benign, 393 (71, 5 %) intermediate (or locally aggressive) and 38 ( 6, 91 %) were malignant. Among the benign lesions, capillary hemangioma ( 56, 41 %) and cavernous hemangioma ( 23, 08%) were the most frequent types.  The intermediate lesions were dominated by  Kaposi sarcoma (98, 22 %), the retiform  and  Kaposiform  hemangio-endothelioma  accounted for less than 2 %.  Among the malignant group ,  angiosarcoma  other than Kaposi sarcoma was the most frequent  ( 55, 26 %) , followed by  malignant hemangiopericytoma ( 23, 68 %) followed by the epithelioid  hemangio-endothelioma ( 21, 05 %).


 Vascular tumors in Cameroon have various histomorphology with mostly aggressive and malignant forms.


histomorphology histopathology vascular tumors Cameroon

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