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With the COVID-19 pandemic, vaccination appeared to be the only way to overcome the virus. Different pharmaceutical firms raced to find a vaccine. At the same time, there are worries about possible reactions to vaccines. A 30-years old male patient consulted on November 09, 2021 for the appearance of the tender skin rash on the right flank 10 days after receiving the COVID-19 Johnson & Johnson vaccine. On dermatological examination, a confluence of papules and vesicles laying down on erythematous base was observed over the right dorsolumbar area following a dermatomal distribution. Based on clinical finding, and biological examinations returned normal, the diagnosis of right dorsolumbar herpes zoster triggered by anti-COVID-19 vaccination was made. Our case illustrates reactivation of herpes zoster in a young person without any comorbidity after COVID-19 vaccination. If the causal link between anti COVID-19 vaccination and reactivation of VZV was until suspected because of the presence of risk factors in much of the published cases, ours has just been confirmed. This allows us to retain anti-COVID vaccination as trigger factor of herpes zoster.
Avec la pandémie à COVID-19, la vaccination a semblée être le seul moyen de vaincre le virus; d’où la course des firmes pharmaceutiques afin de trouver un vaccin, et l’émergence des effets secondaires liés à celui-ci. Un patient de 30 ans ayant un antécédent de varicelle dans l’enfance, a consulté pour une éruption cutanée du flanc droit 10 jours après avoir reçu le vaccin anti- COVID-19 Johnson & Johnson. L’examen cutanée a permis d’objectivé des vésicules confluentes, reposant sur une base érythémateuse siégeant de façon dermatomique sur la région dorso-lombaire droit. Le diagnostic de zona dorso-lombaire droit déclenché par la vaccination anti-COVID 19 a été posé sur la base de l’examen clinique et des examens biologiques revenus normaux.


COVID-19 vaccine, herpes zoster, Cameroon

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Sigha, O. B., Nkoro, G. A. ., Ekambi Kotto, R., Kelbaba, B. B. ., & Kouotou, E. A. . (2022). Herpes Zoster in a Young Cameroonian Triggered by the COVID-19 Vaccine . HEALTH SCIENCES AND DISEASE, 23(7).


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