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Aim:The aim of our study was to determine whether the ocular complications of onchocerciasis influenced the compliance with CDTI.


Materials and methods: We conducted a cross-sectional descriptive study including all subjects aged 10 years or more. . The variables studied were visual acuity, type of visual impairment, gender, onchocerciasis ocular manifestations, the number of time  Ivermectin was  taken over the last 5 years.


Results:We recruited 764 patients or 1528 eyes. The number of eyes with ocular manifestations of onchocerciasis was 56 while the number of eyes without was 1472. We found a prevalence of 48% good adherence CDTI within the general population. Nevertheless the prevalence among cases was of 57% good compliance compared to a prevalence of 48% among controls (P = 0.28). This similarity in the pattern of taking Ivermectin between female and male was found.



Patients with onchocerciasis ocular involvement showed better compliance to CDTI in the Littoral region. Gender is not a factor influencing compliance to CDTI in our study in contrast to some available reports in the literature. The pattern of taking Ivermectin is not a contributing factor predisposing male to onchocerciasis ocular involvement. In the absence of visual impairment, patients with onchocerciasis ocular involvement have better compliance to CDTI. : The presence of onchocerciasis ocular involvement seems to be a motivating factor to a better compliance to CDTI for affected patients.


Keywords: Compliance, Onchocerciasis, Ivermectin , Cameroon

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Emilienne Epee, FMBS

chargée de cours  département dophthalmologie ORL
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Epee, E., Afetane, T. G., Aboutou, R., & Bella Assumpta, L. (2014). Lésions oculaires de l’onchocercose et observance au Traitement à L’Ivermectine Sous Directives Communautaires (TIDC). HEALTH SCIENCES AND DISEASE, 15(2). Retrieved from


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