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Introduction. Breast cancer is one of the main causes of death in the world. Survival varies widely around the world, being better in developed countries. The aim of this work was to estimate the survival of patients operated upon for breast cancer at the HGOPY. Methodology. This was a descriptive study with historico-prospective collection of data from patients operated upon for breast cancer at the HGOPY (2010-2020). Survival was estimated by the Kaplan-Meier method. The original date was the date of surgery and the conclusion date was the date of death or latest news. Results. The mean age of the 166 operated patients was 48.27 ± 12.44 years. About 48.2% had a T4 stage. Radical surgery performed in 92.2%. Overall survival at two, three and five years was 79.4%, 73.4% and 62% respectively. Mortality was higher in the first three years and gradually stabilized to remain constant after the fifth year. The mean survival time was 93 months ± 6 months. Five-year survival was 100% for clinical stages T1, 76.1% T2, 67.9% T3 and finally 48.6% for T4 (p=0.064). Conclusion. The survival of patients operated on for breast cancer at 2 years was 79.4%, at 3 years 73.4% and at 5 years 62%. Mortality was higher in the first three years.


Survival, surgery, breast cancer, Gyneco-Obstetrics and Pediatrics Hospital of Yaoundé

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Claude Cyrille Noa Ndoua, Kodoumé Motolouze, Atenguena Etienne, Junie Annick Metogo Ntsama, Tchatat Njassine RS, Wilfried Loïc Tatsipie, Fozeu Fosso LC, Essiben Felix, Meka Esther, & Foumane Pascal. (2022). Survival of Patients Operated on for Breast Cancer in Yaounde: A Study of 166 Cases. HEALTH SCIENCES AND DISEASE, 23(9).


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