Ibrahima Farikou, P Fokam, Bernadette Ngo Nonga, Madeleine Ngandeu Singwe, Jean Bahebeck, Maurice Aurelien Sosso


The authors present a case of extensive biopsy proven giant cell tumour of the distal femur in a 27 years-old man revealed by a trauma. He was treated by classic curettage-graft and additional simple cast immobilization instead of internal fixation to prevent the collapse of the fragile affected condyle after curettage. The functional outcome of the knee is satisfactory after one year of follow-up.

 The POP cast could be an affordable and safe alternative to internal fixation in the treatment of GCT with high risk of fracture in limited conditions of practice in Africa.


Giant cell tumour-Curettage/Graft-POP cast-Africa

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